Lisa Doyle

Warriors to Workforce program gives vets a second chance

The VA Acquisition Academy's Lisa Doyle created the Warriors to Workforce program to train wounded veterans to become acquisition professionals.

Senators to DOD: Use more of your own employees

Lawmakers urge DOD to avoid placing caps on department employees that contractors don't have to also abide by.

DOD moves to change rules for buying commercial products

DOD has proposed changes to acquisition rules that may drastically impact the federal marketplace.

VA resumes reverse auctions, but questions linger

Updated guidelines on reverse auctions require contracting officers to show how they benefit the agency's bottom line.

Bob Woods

Putting the GSA Humpty Dumpty back together again

Once the dust settles, the hard work will begin to build a stronger, more customer-focused agency.

Industry wants agencies in control, not mandates

Industry groups want agencies to have discretion and the authority to manage its acquisition as it sees best.

Issa warns against 'gimmicks' at technology field hearings

Two senior Democratic members of the House committee ask for field hearing to look at IT, acquisition priorities, but Rep. Darrell Issa has strong words for them.

GSA's defenders line up

Rep. Jeff Denham's call to dismantle GSA meets skepticism and opposition in the acquisition community.

DOD puts its acquisition procedures under a microscope

DOD is taking a multi-faceted approach to overhauling the way it buys goods and services in the face of dwindling funds.

Contracting bill would settle debate over including political donations in bids

A House committee approves a bill that would ban agencies from requiring political contribution infromation in contract bids.

VA official explains decision to halt reverse auctions

Jan Frye says reverse auctions seem to have allowed contracting officers to take a lax approach to their work.

Rep. Jeff Denham: 'Abolish GSA altogether'

The chairman of an oversight subcommittee argues that other agencies or the private sector might be able to do GSA's job better.

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