Battlefield rotations could be bad for contract management

In war zones, contract personnel are often just getting familiar with their work when it's time to go home.

Data-sharing is good ... when agencies do it right

Agencies understand the importance of sharing information, but it still can be difficult to do well. Two new reports document some of the reasons.

GSA's SAM continues to frustrate its users

One system frustrates an entire community of federal agencies and government contractors.

GSA may lower some contract surcharges for agencies

With a surplus on hand in the GSA Schedules program, the time may be ripe for restructuring the fees, according to GSA's leader.

Tangherlini to centralize GSA's IT, people management

GSA's CIO could gain considerable new influence under restructuring plan, acting administrator tells Senate panel.

Administration amps up strategic sourcing push

Concerned that agencies are slow to adopt strategic sourcing approaches, administration officials are turning up the heat -- and hinting that a mandate may be coming.

NIH makes leadership adjustments at technology acquisition center

IT contracting program director takes on a new role.

GOP platform signals possible shift in contractor fortunes

The outcome of the presidential election could herald a renewal of the insourcing/outsourcing debate.

Anne Armstrong

Are small-business set-asides helping?

After nearly 35 years of small-business contracting goals, it's worth asking how the set-asides are doing in delivering the intended results.

Do small-business preferences make the grade?

Agencies labor mightily to hit small-business contracting targets, but the emphasis on score cards overshadows some larger questions about set-asides.

Council steps up importance of contractor performance in proposed rule change

Regulators want to change the rules for documenting contractor past performance, with an eye in particular to the treatment of subcontractors.

'Byzantine warren of fiefdoms' makes contracting fraud hard to stop

Data standards could protect taxpayers against deliberate fraud in federal contracting, argues an agency inspector general.

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