GSA's Kempf to take medical leave

FAS Commissioner is expected to be gone for two months.

Anne Armstrong

FCW Editorial: Summing up the Networx challenges

Now halfway through its contract period, Networx is experiencing some difficulties in getting agencies to transition to the new vendors and the new offerings.

Acquisition chiefs need clearer roles and responsibilities, GAO says

Without clearly-defined duties, the CAO may not have a strong basis for more permanent inclusion in an organization's leadership structure, auditors conclude.

GSA looks to a future of everything as a service

GSA is interested in moving everything it can to a service model.

John Johnson

Networx: A vision for the future

As GSA designs the next big network services contract, a veteran of the development and management of Networx and FTS 2001 has some advice to offer.

DHS officials drop new questionnaire

Homeland Security Department officials opt for the existing vendor communications plan rather than one that would have put more scrutiny on agency/vendor communications.

GAO can't solve the 'who's cheaper' debate

So who makes more, feds or private-sector workers? What's the better deal, contracting work or using federal employees? GAO says it doesn't know either. Why are these questions so challenging?

Cedric Sims

Networx: A gauge of its flexibility

After aiding in an agency transition to Networx, consultant Cedric Sims takes stock of the contract's progress so far.

Contract considerations to include treatment of other companies

The Obama administration wants procurement officials to consider how companies treat their business partners as a factor in making contract decisions.

GSA spends $270k for music, food and picture frames at awards ceremony

GSA's event spending has once again put the agency in Congressional crosshairs -- this time over a $270,000 award ceremony, complete with a violinist and 4,000 elaborate picture frames. This time, however, the agency's leadership may be ahead of the lawmakers.

Bob Woods

Networx: A look at its origins

The government has undertaken three major telecom transitions, columnist Bob Woods writes, and there are important lessons to be learned from each of them.

GSA's 5 steps to directing customer traffic

GSA officials are building a more flexible Multiple Award Schedules program by directing suppliers to those schedules customers use most often.

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