Mis-measuring Networx progress

Some say the General Services Administration has the wrong number when it comes to assessing agencies’ speed in moving to the Networx telecom program.

House trims, then passes, DOD spending bill

As lawmakers passed the defense appropriations bill in the late hours of July 19, they put new scrutiny on the department's spending and cut the actual amount appropriated.

GSA considers cloud brokerage

As cloud computing continues to challenge traditional procurement processes, GSA is on the lookout for new ideas.

GSA's acting administrator is no mere placeholder

Dan Tangherlini is taking some bold steps at GSA, pushing to improve the agency with tougher oversight and an eye on every penny spent. Does his temporary status jeopardize his chances of making a lasting change?

GSA hopes OASIS dries up duplication

Some changes to contracting could save the government a substantial amount of money -- if GSA is right about the potential of a planned new set of contracts called OASIS.

Reverse auction house names new senior officer

FedBid names new officer to leads its efforts in its expanding marketplace.

Joe Jordan

How to make acquisition part of the solution

New OFPP Administrator Joe Jordan talks about making the most of the government's buying power and how to provide cutting-edge solutions for agencies while still maintaining oversight.

Steve Kelman

Was the GSA scandal really scandalous?

Columnist Steve Kelman wonders whether agencies might be justified in spending money on lavish conferences.

CBO predicts defense cost overruns

The DOD disputes a prediction that it will overspend its budget over the next five years, but calls for Congress to allow it more freedom to take cost-cutting measures.

For DOD, trust may be the key to cost savings

Unraveling a bureaucracy built on suspicion could be part of the cure for DOD's ills, study suggests.

Agencies told to ensure subcontractors get prompt payments

OMB is asking agencies to report on their progress at speeding up payments.

Prompt payments may become contract selection factor

The Obama administration uses federal contracts to get money to small subcontractors faster.

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