Program Management

Technology enables USDA office closures

The agency is shuttering 259 locations for cost savings.

GAO: Agencies didn't consider risks with support services

Few officials considered risks when awarding contracts that closely supported inherently governmental functions.

GAO: OMB misses key areas needing oversight

OMB missed two key types of support services in recent oversight initiatives, GAO says.

Beyond Deepwater: What the Coast Guard learned.

A difficult program could become a platform for better choices next time, with lessons that other agencies can also use.

Obama signs appropriations bill

Government agencies are no longer working on short-term continuing resolutions.

'Shared First:' Progress made, more work needed, Gordon says

The procurement community had its ways to share the workload, but few used them, says outgoing OFPP administrator Dan Gordon.

Nine initiatives that could trip up DOD's enterprise strategy

Defense Department officials acknowledge that some elements of its IT strategy represent high cultural barriers.

Defense Authorization bill clears Congress

President Obama had earlier seemed poised to veto bill over prisoner detainment provisions, but now looks ready to sign.

'Shared First' could limit IT choices to gain efficiencies

The government can be more efficient and less redundant if agencies share services, OMB believes.

Managers, answer these questions before the Hill calls

GAO provides questions designed to check on a program's performance goals.

When IGs attack, what's an agency leader to do?

Disputes between agency officials and IGs are flaring up across government, creating tense situations for everyone involved.

IG warns that mandatory audits could strain resources

While setting statutory requirements, IGs need the authority to set their own priorities and point their resources where they are most needed.

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