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Survey shows feds still favor laptops over smart phones, tablets

The majority of government workers are using laptops in their work more than any other device.

A better approach to biometrics

Reusing proven SOA-based biometric solutions can reduce costs and delivery time, write two Unisys executives.

Seven states lag on death reporting

Electronic systems at the state level could make the SSA's death records could be more accurate and timely.

Intelligence director urges Congress to act on cyber threat

National Intelligence Director James Clapper cited threats posed by Iran, China and Russia as dangers Congress must address.

NATO cyber defense lags

The global security organization is running behind in establishing cybersecurity policy.

Feds encourage tech companies to create ID management 'ecosystem'

The federal government wants to be a facilitator and eventual customer of ID management solutions created by the private sector, according to Howard Schmidt, cybersecurity coordinator for the Obama administration.

Federal managers doubt cloud computing's cost-savings claims

Government managers are apprehensive about the security in cloud environments, and many are skeptical of its promises of major cost savings.

Is the laptop about to be obsolete in agencies?

The rising popularity of tablet computers could consign older tech to the dustbin, analyst argues.

Senators propose reform, not regulation, for better cybersecurity

The forthcoming Senate cybersecurity bill is getting criticism for its focus on regulation and is meeting opposition from some legislatiors.

Employees sue FDA over privacy violations

A group of FDA staffers filed suit against the agency for monitoring their personal email on agency computers.

Energy Department to establish new cyber center

Energy Department CIO highlights importance of partnerships in fighting cyber threats.

Feds join fight to protect your privacy

Federal agencies join effort to raise awareness of how information is collected, used and shared.

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