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Virtual worlds training for federal cyber pros in the works

A joint effort between DHS and State will offer courses in a virtual worlds environment for federal cybersecurity professionals.

9 ways the defense bill's passage could affect your job

Provisions in the 2012 defense bill include some measures that will have a big impact this year on contracting, cyber defense, intelligence and the use of cloud.

NDU cyber threat workshop receives top honors from DOD

National Defense University's iCollege workshop convened members of the international cyber community to discuss, tackle top global threats.

Don't blame contractors solely for poor security

Security for IT systems is too complex to lay on any one set of shoulders, expert warns.

Step up Social Security number protection, OIG says

While the number of replacement Social Security cards has decreased, the number of less-secure printouts SSA distributes has increased, auditors find.

DHS cyber office director leaves government

The National Cyber Security Division director will leave her post near the end of January.

Hacktivists may target feds working on WikiLeaks case

An Internet consultant says Anonymous chat rooms may be cooking up a revenge against a few people connected to Pfc. Bradley Manning's hearing.

FBI warning: 'Hacktivism' is a crime

An FBI official encourages hactivists to find a new method of protest.

VanRoekel: Citizens expect more digital interaction with government

With the emergence of a Facebook Nation, Americans have come to expect more digital interaction with their government, says Obama's chief information officer.

IG finds flawed IT security program at USDA

An audit of USDA's IT security efforts finds few successes and ample failures.

DHS releases cybersecurity blueprint

The Homeland Security Department published its new framework for cybersecurity outlining steps for infrastructure protection and the cyber ecosystem.

Senator questions federal website seizures

After high-profile domain seizures, some question the process of Operation In Our Sites.

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