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Cybersecurity: The next partisan issue?

A Republican cybersecurity task force releases legislative recommendations as an alternative to Obama's proposal.

Panetta appoints new leader of cyber programs

Eric Rosenbach held previous roles as a national security advisor to Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) and a staffer on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

VA errors compromise identity verification credentials

The VA has issued more than 157,000 personal identity verification credentials with poor controls in place, throwing the validity of every credential into doubt, IG says.

Federal IT security incidents increasing rapidly

Federal agencies show persistent weaknesses in their information security controls, GAO says in a new report.

Defense budget cuts inevitable, says former defense secretary

With the nation at a crucial point and the Defense Department facing serious budget cuts, a smaller military force and smart decision-making will be critical, said former Defense Secretary William Cohen.

Rethinking government's biggest IT ideas

Four landmark programs that sought to remake big swaths of government IT face the test of time.

The ideal CIO? Not a tech geek

Mark Forman and Paul Brubaker take issue with OMB's recent efforts to redefine the role of agency CIOs, saying they undermine the intentions of the Clinger-Cohen Act.

Outsourcing IT to other countries adds to cyber risks, report says

A Intelligence and National Security Alliance's white paper warns against the government's global outsourcing practices with respect to IT.

DOD puts bases on alert for Sept. 11 anniversary

DOD has put all its facilities in the United States and some areas overseas on increased threat awareness for the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Federal data breach legislation stalls

California strengthens its breach notification requirements, as federal legislation that would replace state laws goes nowhere in Congress.

China provides smoking gun against itself in cyberattacks

Do you doubt that China is behind cyberattacks on U.S. targets? China itself provides strong evidence.

FBI deploys fingerprint system for mobile devices

Police officers have access to a new fingerprint checking system that allows them to see if someone is a nationally known 'worst' offender.

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