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GOP platform stresses offense, information-sharing on cybersecurity

Party document accuses current administration of "costly and heavy-handed regulatory approach."

Senator urges executive order on cybersecurity

In lieu of legislation, the president could boost cybersecurity himself, and at least one lawmaker thinks he should.

EDITORIAL: Technology meets cultural resistance on ID cards

In the United States, cultural and political opposition to a national identity card is all but insurmountable. Yet the need for a workable solution grows more pressing by the day.

ID management: A matter of trust

People have countless reasons to support good digital identity management. When the federal government is involved, however, a complex challenge gets even trickier.

Analysis: Why did EPA delay notifying data breach victims?

Although EPA's six-month delay at informing people involved in a data breach drew criticism, the requirements for notification leave something to be desired.

Is the government dropping the ball on cybersecurity?

Despite the potential danger of the cyber threat and a rising chorus of voices urging action, the government seems to be making only halting progress. There are several reasons for that, and no easy solutions.

Richard Moulds

Risk and reward in the cloud: How to attack security concerns.

A cloud platform solves some problems but introduces new security risks. Richard Moulds provides strategies for addressing them.

Monitoring employees online: How much is too much?

Software allows agencies to monitor what employees do on a computer down to the keystroke, but where is the line between legitimate security needs and intrusion?

Industry members laud Digital Government Strategy

The framework to transform the government to better suit 21st-century needs gets nods from private-sector IT professionals.

Cyber threat warnings grow louder

Cyberattacks have long been a threat, but experts think the danger is increasing.

Lack of clearance reciprocity costs millions, survey shows

Contractors say they could fulfill their duties more efficiently and save the government money if security clearances were accepted more broadly.

Critical Read: Breaking down cybersecurity silos

A report from the Bipartisan Policy Center recommends ways to overcome various impediments to public/private information sharing.

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