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Critical Read: Breaking down cybersecurity silos

A report from the Bipartisan Policy Center recommends ways to overcome various impediments to public/private information sharing.

Was the EPA data breach a failure of cybersecurity 101?

A malicious e-mail attachment broke through security at the EPA, exposing private information of 8,000 people. Are other agencies any more secure?

Current laws miss key points in protecting data

GAO says advancing technology has rendered many privacy rules inadequate and outdated, creating new risks.

Bipartisan cybersecurity bill fails on the Senate floor

A Republican filibuster prevented the Senate from voting on the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 -- which might have also included data center consolidation measures -- greatly dimming hopes for legislation this year.

Data center consolidation among 70 amendments competing for cybersecurity bill inclusion

As senators prepare to deliberate over the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, a slew of amendments are emerging, including one addressing federal data center consolidation.

Pentagon sets cybersecurity sights on social media

DARPA is looking for new tools to track social media interaction.

US not ready for cyberattack, NSA director warns

Legislation, partnership with industry are critical to bolster underpowered U.S. cyber defenses, according to the Cyber Command's chief.

US faces new uphill battle in cyberspace

Emerging threats from developing nations will pose new dangers to the nation, according to a cyber official.

Lawmakers to consider new compromise cybersecurity bill before defense budget

A new version of the bipartisan Cybersecurity Act of 2012 is expected to be considered ahead of the Senate defense authorization bill, drawing the ire of one powerful senator.

Obama presses Congress on cybersecurity bill

President Obama took to the Wall Street Journal to urge the Senate to pass a cybersecurity bill.

Lieberman re-introduces cybersecurity bill

Revised cybersecurity bill emphasizes sharing of threat information, monitoring and offers more carrots than sticks, GCN reports.

A month into FedRAMP, GSA marks progress

A month into FedRAMP's launch, challenges have been overcome and progress has been made, one GSA official said.

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