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Cyber incident reports skyrocket over three-year period

Cyber incidents reported by critical infrastructure managers jumped by more than 2,000 percent between 2009 and 2011, according to a new report.

DHS struggles with mobile device management

IG finds the agency's biggest challenge is ensuring the security of portable devices and information stored on them.

Government at high risk of economic espionage

With cyber theft and other crime on the rise, agencies must get aggressive in defense, according to the GAO.

DHS tries to demystify continuous monitoring

Policy attempts to clarify the continuous monitoring concept, part of an effort to improve FISMA.

The arguments for (and against) an Internet kill switch

Panel participants weigh the question of whether the government should be able to shut off Internet access inside the government.

FBI plans iris scan database

The FBI is expanding its old fingerprint database to include additional physical recognition factors.

Budget pressures, workforce woes and cyber threats converge

A shortage of skilled IT pros comes at a time when cybersecurity must compete for sparse funding.

DHS could provide 'security in a box'

A DHS proposal would potentially help agencies solve their cybersecurity challenges.

E-mail monitoring must protect whistleblowers

The Office of Special Counsel reminds agencies not to try to stifle reports of wrongdoing.

IG: DHS needs protection from employees' portable devices

Primarily for consumers, portable devices lack security features needed survive in a government environment.

Should DOD be taking more risks with mobility?

DOD's intrinsic risk aversion challenges its ability to stay current with mobile capabilities, and some of its leaders believe it's time to rethink that caution.

DOD balances security, cost and ease in mobility plan

DOD's new mobile strategy intended to 'keep DOD workforce relevant' through a comprehensive approach to the technologies.

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