State and Local

States wrestle with stimulus funding

States are trying to figure out how to manage the huge influx of stimulus funds.

Interoperability urged for border communications

Sheriffs say local, state and federal officials need to work together to secure the U.S./Mexico border.

States take growing role in cyber crimefighting

While federal law enforcement agencies investigate many cyber crimes, state and local authorities are gaining increasing abilities to take part.

GAO urges public to report stimulus law waste

The billions available for spending raise the potential for inappropriate use and mismanagement, GAO’s acting comptroller general said.

Napolitano brings information sharing success to DHS post

Since Janet Napolitano took over as Homeland Security secretary in January, she has vocally pledged her support for efforts to share homeland security-related information and intelligence between state, local and federal authorities. Her emphasis on such sharing predates many of the current federally driven efforts to integrate state and local authorities into the national-intelligence apparatus.

The federal/state balancing act

Federal and nonfederal interests don't always coincide in homeland security intelligence.

States see IT, other delays costing them on Real ID

Some state governments project increasing costs for them to implement the Real ID Act because of delays by the Homeland Security Department in making IT and policy decisions, a new report says.

Federal 100 winner: Chris Worrall

Worrall led the development of an online program used to fill drug prescriptions of uninsured people affected by major disasters.

Federal 100 winner: Steve Ressler

Ressler, an IT specialist at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, launched the networking Web site to better connect people involved in government.

Federal 100 winner: Richard Geisenberger

Geisenberger led a task force that prompted legislative and regulatory changes that enabled the creation of a uniform electronic notary system used by banking and legal officials across the country.

Federal 100 winner: James Ryan

Ryan, deputy director of the Small Business Administration’s Disaster Credit Management System Operations Center, led the design, development and deployment of an online loan application that allows people affected by a disaster to securely apply for loans.

Federal 100 winner: Jiten Shah

As executive director of the Green River Area Development District, Shah overcame public skepticism and contractor turnover to lead the creation of a regional Internet broadband network that serves seven counties in western Kentucky.

The Fed 100

Save the date for 28th annual Federal 100 Awards Gala.

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