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White House deputy CTO leaves, will target state and local collaboration

Andrew McLaughlin is resigning from his job as deputy White House chief technology officer to start two companies, one of them to develop collaboration tools for state and local governments.

Energy-efficient tech aids agency cost savings, report says

Many public- and private-sector IT managers are getting the message: Energy-efficient IT programs are good for business, according to a new report by CDW Government.

Does Google's lawsuit mean that cloud computing has hit the bigtime?

Cloud vendors are starting to fight each other in the legal arena for contract advantages. Is the technology still cutting-edge?

HHS sweetens the pot for states building health exchanges

The Health and Human Services Department announced a grant program that will fund up to five states or consortiums to build exchanges that HHS hopes will serve as models for other states.

Vampire killers under federal contract?

The U.S. Vampire Service stalks and exterminates fewer than 10 vampires a year, according to its site.

Data center recount: Bigger problem, tougher solution than previously thought

Feds are finding that the total number of data centers is higher than once thought, which is complicating consolidation plans.

Emergency access granted in test of interoperable ID system

An emergency preparedness event involving federal, state and private-sector officials demonstrated ID verification technology to scan and clear first responders from federal, state, local and commercial organizations.

What's on state CIOs' minds? Consolidation, cost control, health care.

Consolidation, virtualization, budget and health care are among the most critical policy or technology issues to be faced by state government in 2011, according to a recent NASCIO survey.

Government call centers ring true to customers

Overall satisfaction rates with government call centers has risen in the past year and are slowly closing in on private-sector rates.

6 methods for squashing info turf battles

Confused about how to achieve all that transparency and collaboration? Here are 6 options that can make your organization an open book.

IBM debuts CityOne simulation game for urban planning

IBM Corp. has launched CityOne, an online interactive simulation game designed to help local government officials find innovative solutions for energy, water, traffic, banking and retail problems.

Intell fusion centers need to set performance goals, GAO says

The intelligence fusion centers created for sharing intelligence information need to be evaluated on their performance, the GAO says.

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