Alan Balutis

Another take on the telework debate

The recent decisions to eliminate telework at major companies show a lack of understanding of the practice's benefits.

The mobile revolution could transform the next-generation federal workforce

Today's children are tomorrow's workforce -- plugged in, connected and ready for an office without walls. Will the government be ready for them?

Videoconferencing slow to gain ground in government

Videoconferencing technology could save the federal government nearly $13 billion every year, according to at least one estimate, but agencies face hurdles in adopting it.

5 strategies for taking telework to new heights

The latest technologies and refinements to managerial best practices offer new opportunities for improving and extending telework programs.

Feds see IT as cost, not opportunity

More federal executives say streamlining and modernizing business processes is a bigger priority than IT.

Reliable telework data still a challenge

Despite the recent OPM report, it's still challenging to understand much about federal telework.

Will the digital strategy change management patterns?

To achieve the plan's goals, federal managers will need to give up some control over employees and information.

NASA beefs up telework plan

The space agency seeks to complement its Work From Anywhere program with new mobility strategy.

Why federal managers resist telework

That agency managers don't all embrace telework is not news, but why? Here are some answers.

More feds telework, but managers still resist

First survey since Telework Act reveals key trends.

Why telework doesn't always work

Federal agencies are pushing for telework as a way to function during emergencies, but widespread power, telephone and Internet outages could undermine that vision.

Did telework keep the government functioning after storms?

The recent thunderstorm that resulted in widespread power outages could serve as a reminder that telework is a valuable option for federal agencies.

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