A telecommuting break for DISA

Nearly 50 percent of DISA's Fort Meade employees have been approved to work remotely.

Keeping tabs on you and your teleworker, too

A third party releases an iPhone app to log users' keystrokes, and two scientists discover the same device is keeping tabs on your locations in an unprotected way.

VA starts telework tax credit

Virginia companies are being offered cash in exchange for starting telework progams.

Telework guidance incorporates Telework Act

The Office of Personnel Management on April 18 issued a telework guide to help agencies implement the Telework Enhancement Act and to serve as a resource on the law for rank-and-file feds.

Teleworkers stay in the loop

Popular perceptions of telework as the playground for slackers and the disconnected don't jibe with reality, studies show.

Managing teleworkers can be business as usual

Manager resistance to telework often revolves around perceived challenges of monitoring remote workers' performance, but some telework veterans say separate oversight isn't needed.

Making federal managers into successful teleworkers

With the passage of the Telework Enhancement Act last year, there is a strong push in the government to increase the number of federal employees -- including managers -- who telework on a regular basis.

Telework Enhancement Act: Easing into a new mindset

The sponsor of the Telework Enhancement Act talks about the progress agencies are making, what has held back telework in the past and how those obstacles can be overcome.

Feds stay home in droves for Telework Week

More than 34,000 federal employees participated in National Telework Week, 10 percent of them first-time teleworkers. What did they gain?

The shadow teleworkers: How informal arrangements threaten security

Studies show the number of federal employees unofficially working remotely is outpacing the official estimates.

Telework puts managers in tight spot, officials say

Most federal work doesn’t lend itself to measuring direct output from an employee, which makes it hard to directly measure performance, officials say.

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