Telework could save Calif. more than $1B, study says

In addition to the savings in commute times and employees' sanity, telework for public-sector employees in California could save the state $1.5 billion a year, according to a new study.

Could telework resurrect the House Page Program?

A resurrection of the now defunct House Page Program is proposed via telework.

OPM: Treat telework as an asset, not a perk

Federal agencies may need some cultural change to begin viewing telework as an asset, an Office of Personnel Management official said at a seminar.

Earthquake: Another missed opportunity for telework?

Many federal employees, forced to evacuate their offices, simply took the rest of the day off, rather than work from home.

Obama, telework and Martha's Vineyard

Does President Barack Obama telework like the rest of us?

Does your teleworkers' OT cost you?

Rules about overtime and comp time are not usually stipulated in today's federal telework arrangements.

Chris Knotts

What telework might look like in 10 years

In a decade, the word 'telework' will be as outdated as a rotary phone, writes Force 3’s Chris Knotts.

Managers play an important role in employees' work/life balance

There are numerous benefits to helping employees achieve balance between their professional and personal lives, experts say.

Feds urged to telework Aug. 19 to avoid motorcycle tribute

Expected traffic delays due to the event's road closures have OPM asking feds to work from home.

Encrypted VoIP available for federal teleworkers

Officescape gets a federal certification for its Telesecure VoIP product.

Telework can affect locality pay

Depending on where and how many days per week a fed teleworks, locality pay could be affected.

Telework at a tipping point?

A public policy expert says there are factors preventing the practice of telework.