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GSA plans big moves in e-commerce

In the coming year, GSA will tackle the multiple complexities of launching an e-commerce acquisition platform from scratch.

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Senate passes bill to establish governmentwide supply chain council

New legislation would establish an interagency council with broad authority to develop rules of the road for federal supply chain security.

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House and Senate agree on CR through Feb. 8

It's still not clear if President Trump will agree to punt a confrontation on funding for the border wall until February, when Democrats control the House of Representatives.

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Trump asks agencies to look for wall funding

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said at her afternoon briefing that the president had tasked agency heads with finding money that can be reprogrammed for the wall as part of a possible plan to pass appropriations bills and avoid a partial government shutdown.

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What's in store for rank-and-file feds and managers in 2019?

A change in the political control of the House of Representatives could mean more leverage for federal unions and a focus on workforce policies that both sides of the aisle can support.

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With stalemate in Congress, a shutdown could last until new Congress takes over

With multiple cabinet agencies set to run out of discretionary funding on Friday, it may take a new session of Congress to end a stalemate over border wall funding.

Reports reveal massive scale of Russian disinformation ops

Russian influence operations aimed at the U.S. electorate were more widespread than previously known and remain ongoing to this day, according to two new reports.

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FEC: Lawmakers and staff may use campaign funds for personal cybersecurity

The Federal Election Commission voted Thursday to allow Congress to reallocate leftover campaign funds to protect personal electronic devices and accounts of members and staff.

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Senate passes plan to invest $1.2 billion in quantum research

The Senate has cleared the way for the president to approve implementation of a 10-year plan to accelerate quantum computing research and development.

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DOD on track to take on background checks ahead of White House order

The Pentagon is readying to absorb the National Background Investigations Bureau ahead of an anticipated executive order.

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Lawmakers irked by lagging CIO authorities

While applauding the best-ever progress made on the FITARA scorecard, oversight lawmakers are frustrated with slow progress in some aspects of IT modernization.

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Behind the Pentagon's $10 billion cloud push are big plans for data and AI

In a congressional update on AI investments, Defense Department CIO Dana Deasy explains linkages to enterprise cloud.

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