Certifications are not a panacea for cybersecurity woes

A national certification program for cybersecurity professionals won't solve our security problems, writes Daniel Castro.

GSA starts training to end misuse of schedules contracts

Task orders have become the primary means that agencies use to buy things, but procurement officers don't always understand the regulations, officials say.

While security clearances speed up, quality lags, GAO says

Although OPM and DOD have made significant progress in improving the timeliness of the personnel security clearance process, agencies still need to improve the quality of clearance investigations, according to GAO officials.

Baseball and acquisition have a lot in common, for better or worse

Intensified oversight undermines support for procurement staff, writes columnist Bill Gormley.

Top 5 stories at the watercooler readers, on the whole, might be more civil than most people who post comments on mainstream Web sites but they are no less passionate.

Rising Stars a reminder of an earlier day

Trail Bosses and Rising Stars, though drawing from different generations, have much in common.

Rising Star Zhenia Klevitsky

Klevistsky contributed her time and expertise to numerous organizations in the federal IT community, including ACT-IAC, AFCEA and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.

Rising Star Genen Soo-Hoo

Soo-Hoo gave a new face to NYPD's Crime Stopper program by developing a multimedia-enabled "Submit a Tip" Web site.

Rising Star Marwan Jamal

Jamal led the creation of the Crisis Management Center, a high-tech facility that can simulate crisis scenarios used to teach leadership and management competencies. He also manages the private-sector initiative for the IRM College, through which more than 30 IT companies loan equipment to the college for use in training.

Rising Star Vanessa Leigh Manchester

Manchester coordinated the efforts of more than 20 federal agencies as they link their existing health IT systems to the emerging Nationwide Health Information Network via the Connect gateway.

Rising Star Maj. Samuel Abbott-McCune

Abbott-McCune revamped a network laboratory used in IT training, running more than 2 miles of cable, rack mounting 50 pieces of equipment, and creating several cable patch bays so that equipment could be interconnected without moving. He also supervises quality control of 500 classrooms at 15 different locations.

Desperately seeking cyber skills

Efforts to recruit young people into government cybersecurity roles could benefit everyone.

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