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Up for Debate: Government social networks are Towers of Babel, doomed to topple.

Social networking sites are designed to break down the silos of work and social groups and enable people to cross-pollinate ideas. But as agencies increasingly turn to building their own internal social networking platforms (Spacebook, Statebook, etc.), they’re just building bigger, better silos.

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Posted by David Rapp on May 04, 2010 at 9:03 AM

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Mon, Jun 7, 2010

Is the goal of the social networking site to allow only people within the agency to collaborate, or to allow collaboration and sharing between agencies? Because, sometimes it's important to share information across agencies, and if agency-specific silos are created, this limits this capability.

Wed, Jun 2, 2010 Jim Szatkowski Boise

Caption for Klossner Cartoon on Gov 2.0: "He would never think about the track without first checking his email, horoscope and sports writer's blog notes!"

Thu, May 27, 2010 Edmond Hennessy United States

Silos and breaking down barriers are not new, however take a look at the number and variety of Innovators and Change Agents that were spent after attempting to move the Chess Game & Pieces to a new board (or just introducing some new moves). This is especially trying and challenging in large, well-established, mature machines - like the Federal Government, Fortune 50 Companies and even in some Academic Institutions that pride themselves, as being progressive. Firm believer in defining standards of practice, implementing proper security measures and the like, however this all gets down to the personal user level - especially, with the choices and alternatives out there. All of the vehicles mentioned, whether they are spawned in the Commerical - Public domain or by the Federal Government - are nothing more than different facilities that are available to the personal user. Give them access to them all - because their personal freedom and choice is more powerful than mandates and hard-fast, rules. Tend to feel that the vehicles/platforms taking shape with the Federal Government will have their place and purpose - for business and inter-intra, Agency use - however don't expect an employee to respond and stick-out like they would if it is a Public Domain site. Been around the block a few times - it is still a stunner how much energy, effort and brainpower is expended - just coping with the element of change.

Mon, May 24, 2010

In GSA we have Yammer which provides a place to share thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Unfortunately, most of the posting s appear to be people logging in to say what they had for breakfast, when they are going to take their coffee break or what they will be doing for the rest of the day. A few people will post articles and ask for comments but there never appears to be much discussion of those articles.

Thu, May 13, 2010

GSA is an Agency in search of a mission.

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