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How bad is FCIP?

Many participants in the recent debate over how to make the federal hiring process easier and more efficient have taken aim at the Federal Career Internship Program.

Opponents of the program claim that agencies use it not as an internship tool, but as a hiring authority to sidestep merit-based hiring and veterans’ preference requirements.

While the president has called on the Office of Personnel Management to review the program, several federal employee unions have said FCIP should be abolished outright.

We’d like to hear what FCIP hires — especially any veterans — have to say about the program.

Posted by Phil Piemonte on May 21, 2010 at 12:13 PM

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Reader comments

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

FCIP needs to evaluated to ensure vet do not get knock for their service to country. Zero considersation is given for years of service toward pay bands. I have seen vets with 7 years of experience and a master degrees not given proper respect due to old thinking of managers. The orgranization begged for highly qualified individuals only to not respect vet qualification and start them at the lowest pay possible. Management belief that all start at bottom barrel has to go inorder to retain highly motivated vets.
It is a shame this treatment and bias is being played out in federnal programs to retain needed personnel. Not until Old leadership is held accountable nothing will change and the government will continuely loose people needed to fill of the government. Additionally, the belief proper training of employee takes a backseat to work. This view by manager must change. To turndown training request or ask why are you requesting training when it is required to make that next advancement set. This must stop because of technology change will cause gaps in an orgranization knowledge base. I have wondered why people jump between jobs so often, is now so clear with program like FCIP. Without hard cold solid changes to "old school" management belief and thinking good program will be a waste of the taxpayers money. Holding manager responsible in their evaluation for ensuring they are doing everything humannly possible to have everyone trained to replace that manager. QA checks/evaluation could quickly resolve this issue by holding and correcting this type of management think can only may better for all. Not enought is told of manager not holder the best interest of an orgranization over personal think to a high standard. Manager entrench with this mindset must evaluated more often and noticable action with opt of retire or demotation if needed to ensure clear advancement opportunities to those wanting to make a career of federnal service. Without upper management involvement and correction of this type of think "training opportunities and money" is coming out of that individual pockets.
This is my point of view and does reflect my current employer. But having work govt and commerical, govt has a long was to retain highly motivated and qualified people.

Wed, Jun 2, 2010

FCIP may be good to some young people to get a start in the Federal Government, but it certainly does not help the taxpayer. The Feds would be much better off hiring well rounded and experienced people to do the work needed to be done rather than wasting their resources hiring, training, and paying extra wages, then later giving these people hiring preferences over more skilled/experienced people for the same, if not higher wages.

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