The Lectern

  • The 'power pose' may be overrated, but civil discourse is essential

    Steve Kelman considers new research on posture and perception -- and argues that Washington should take a lesson from academic debate. Read More

  • Maybe you should re-think that big IT transformation effort

    If top executives won't get personally involved in your major IT projects, "consider non-IT alternatives for achieving the policy goals." Read More

  • Government steps out on 'nudges'

    Years after OMB began pushing the idea of soft paternalism in federal programs, a GSA office is quietly leading cutting-edge efforts. Read More

  • Hong Kong, Taiwan and the amazing appeal of freedom

    Steve Kelman is in Taiwan, and has some first-hand observations of the resistance to Chinese control. Read More

  • 'Don't leave: you're all hired,' government boss tells tech interns

    How the program Coding it Forward is building opportunity for budding government data scientists. Read More

  • A data scientist who is skeptical about data

    Data can mislead, Steve Kelman notes, but the most common risk factors are relatively easy to spot. Read More

  • Oddball and Fearless take on the federal marketplace

    Steve Kelman digs deeper into the ways non-traditional contractors are changing the federal IT community. Read More

  • Hands off JEDI, Mr. President

    Steve Kelman stresses the importance of keeping politics out of procurement. Read More

  • New CMS BPA showcases non-traditional IT contractors

    Steve Kelman sees signs that new firms are becoming the new normal. Read More

  • IT 'product management' comes into its own

    Steve Kelman notes encouraging signs that an essential function is being taken more seriously. Read More

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