The Lectern

  • Government at work -- curbing curbside congestion

    Steve Kelman looks at another area where civil servants are quietly working to make our lives better. Read More

  • A government agile veteran reflects

    Steve Kelman talks with the Navy's Justin Fanelli about lessons learned over a decade of federal agile projects. Read More

  • Coding it Forward fellowship program gets enthusiastic feedback

    Steve Kelman writes that the three-year-old program that provides summer digital tech fellowships in federal agencies is drawing rave reviews from students and agency managers alike. Read More

  • A public service moment?

    Steve Kelman sees a side benefit to career officials' starring role in the impeachment hearings -- and argues those public servants can and should work to shape policy debates. Read More

  • TikTok: Is the clock ticking for our attention spans?

    Steve Kelman argues that Chinese spying through the popular video-sharing app is less of a threat than TikTok's impact on young users' brains. Read More

  • Practical advice on how to give a better presentation

    Steve Kelman shares a half-dozen tips for looking and sounding more confident in front of a crowd. Read More

  • The 'power pose' may be overrated, but civil discourse is essential

    Steve Kelman considers new research on posture and perception -- and argues that Washington should take a lesson from academic debate. Read More

  • Maybe you should re-think that big IT transformation effort

    If top executives won't get personally involved in your major IT projects, "consider non-IT alternatives for achieving the policy goals." Read More

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