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  • Leveraging buying power: A lesson from the private sector

    A purchasing group in a family of companies shows the government how it's done. Read More

  • A new way to use past performance in contracting

    Steve Kelman offers an innovation for past-performance data. Read More

  • Visiting Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim museum in Spain

    A trip to deliver a lecture leads to cultural opportunities. Read More

  • How to make a win/win for agencies and small business

    The new OFPP has an opportunity to improve small-business contracting and help agencies meet their missions at the same time, writes Steve Kelman. Read More

  • Meeting Joe Jordan

    The new OFPP administrator has "a Boy Scoutish enthusiasm for trying to improve things," Steve Kelman writes. Read More

  • A young fed speaks

    Steve Kelman relays the concerns of a young federal employee. Read More

  • Dispatches from China

    Observations on Chinese consumer culture from Steve Kelman. Read More

  • Who are China's Americaphiles?

    Are most Chinese people interested in friendship with America, or domination? Steve Kelman asks the question. Read More

  • How IBM supports academic research on the business of government

    Steve Kelman uses Dan Chenok's rise at the IBM Center for the Business of Government to applaud the center's work. Read More

  • Kelman gets schooled in China

    A Harvard professor visits a university on the other side of the world. Read More

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