The Lectern

  • Meet the new face of government IT contractors (part 2)

    Steve Kelman connects with another FLASH winner to discuss different ways of delivering IT. Read More

  • Meet the new face of federal IT contractors

    Steve Kelman hopes the vendors who won DHS' now-cancelled agile services contract are not just a flash in the pan. Read More

  • A good-news story about cost control

    The cost performance of DOD's weapons systems has been improving recently, and it hasn't been by accident. Read More

  • SpaceX on steroids: Disruptive innovation comes to spy satellites over North Korea

    Steve Kelman spotlights another example of an upstart firm that should be encouraged to work with government. Read More

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  • Could 'microconsulting' disrupt government contracting?

    Steve Kelman suggests that short engagements priced under the micropurchase threshold could be just the sort of disruptive innovation agencies need. Read More

    Comments: 7
  • A Fourth of July shout-out to civil servants

    Steve Kelman shares a personal exchange that argues against the lazy bureaucrats stereotype. Read More

    Comments: 4
  • Confronting the culture of fear in government

    Steve Kelman gives kudos to DHS' Soraya Correa for facing the FLASH cancellation head-on. Read More

  • What to look for in leadership and organizational performance

    Steve Kelman reports that better data is producing a mini-revolution in scholarship about public-sector management. Read More

  • Don't believe the hype: Procurement reform is a red herring!

    One govtech innovator argues that the fixes could create more problems than they resolve. Read More

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  • Is the performance of the procurement system improving?

    Steve Kelman looks back on 20 years of attempted procurement reform. Read More

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