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Feds angry at possible pay freeze extension

Sen. Dean Heller’s proposal to extend the current pay freeze for federal employees an additional three years stirred up quite the emotional reaction among FCW’s readers, many of whom said they are ready to move on from government if the proposal becomes law.

“I've had it," Annette commented. "I can retire in 1.2 years, and I'm not sticking around for more of these threats. I know I can find a decent-paying job out in private sector. Here, I have a lousy boss, being overworked because of the personnel cutbacks, pay freeze and yet prices go up, [we are] perceived by public as lazy federal employees. You name it, I've had it.”

Another reader who predicted a gloomy future for feds expressed similar cynicism and offered some advice for those considering a public sector career.

“Frankly, I'm outta here in about two years, max -- less if I get a couple of other financial issues squared,” that reader said. “I'm reconciled to never seeing another pay raise. Would I recommend my kids, or other young folk, enter or stay in federal service? Not on your life!”

One commenter who is eligible to retire in less than two years agreed, and  “would never recommend employment with the federal government to friend or foe.”

“It's been an unbelievably difficult and tiring 34-year career to date, including three volunteer DOD civilian tours in Afghanistan supporting our troops,” the reader added. “This is the thanks we get from Congress.”

A couple of readers said they had decided to tough it out because of the current strained economic climate that makes better jobs few and far between.

“I'd stick it out, really, I don't have much choice as I am close but not close enough to retirement to consider a move to the private sector, etc.,” commented one reader. “But the savings in federal salaries realized by extending the pay freeze are so tiny in comparison to the budget it's laughable that anyone would think of it as true savings.”

Another reader said he had decided to stay because he had invested many years in government

“I have been in government too long to leave; basically, I'm vested in my retirement benefits,” Rodger said. “Based on some recent private sector employment and what my friends in the private sector tell me, I am unconvinced that private sector operations are necessarily more efficient or decent places than government to work.

Reader Puregold in Bethesda, Md., took a swipe at the Republican lawmakers who are backing the extended pay freeze proposal, saying they need to get reminded “that federal workers have real jobs and do real work.

“These clowns expect that federal workers, who generally get slightly lower salaries than at similar positions in the private sector, should accept five years of pay freeze, while they steadfastly refuse any proposal that multimillionaires pay even a penny more in taxes,” that reader commented. “Their idea of shared sacrifice is that the 99 percent (especially government workers) share the sacrifices, and the wealthiest 1 percent don't because they are allegedly the ‘job creators.’ We see how well that works. Get real!!

Posted by Camille Tuutti on Dec 02, 2011 at 12:19 PM

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Reader comments

Wed, Dec 14, 2011 Where's the TRUTH

I would like to see Sen. Dean Heller and everyone else in Congress take a pay cut. Do they have a pay freeze? or is it just us worker bees on the pay freeze merry-go-round. We hear the same thing every year, unemployment is up, companies closing and jobs being sent overseas to lower paid workers.

Tue, Dec 13, 2011

I agree with JR from Dayton, OH. BOTH parties have created this mess. The American people should be allowed to give Congress a raise; Not for them to vote themselves one. Instead of pointing fingers in the blame game. Do some work!

Tue, Dec 13, 2011 Fed Up Fed

Everyone frustrated about these events should watch the DVD, "Why We Fight". The issues we're confronting aren't partisan. It's a result of the corruption of both major parties at the hands of the Military-Industrial-Lobbiest Complex. Ike warned about it but it's become worse than he imagined it would. Legislators lining their pockets regardless of what's best for the country. These sensless actions make perfect sense when you realize that both major parties don't care if they win or lose because party-the-lessor makes cash on the side as much as party-the-greater. Flipping the coin every 2 to 12 years is fine by them since the only thing that changes is the rhetoric needed to keep the masses at each others' throats. In today's society, Politics (not religion), is the opiate of the masses.

Tue, Dec 13, 2011

Feds have taken a payfreeze for two years, how many in the private sector would do so or could even afford to. I know we cannot afford to continue to do this, we have bills, increasing health costs, increasing fuel costs, insurances rise, food rises, costs of goods rise and yet here we Feds are dipping into savings, taking second jobs (that others may need), scrimping, doing without and much more to survive payfreezes.

Mon, Dec 12, 2011

Want to play "can you top this"? I'm a contractor working in a federal office at $20.00/hr. My insurance premium which I pay entirely from this $20/hr is $950.00/month. The $3000 family deductible must be met entirely before the policy pays for even a single generic prescription. Another deduction of $.95/hr comes out of the hourly wage to fund my "paid time off" so I am in effect paying in advance for any leave time accrued. And each day my email reflects job openings within the federal service for which I am ineligible only by virtue of the federal hiring freeze; each email reminds me of the generous (compared to mine) benefits of pay, annual leave, sick leave, health insurance, other perks and within-the-ranks promotions that are not available to me. I made more than twice this in the private sector until laid off during the last year. I have more education, training and experience than any of my peers, do the exact same work and yet am a stepchild in the perverted contractor labor force. And I am happy to have a job. Want to trade places?

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