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Union coalition urges feds to take action against pay cuts

If you’re steaming about the proposed cuts to federal jobs and pay, it’s time to call your congressional representatives and give them a piece of your mind, says the Federal Workers Alliance, a coalition of 22 unions.

The coalition is urging federal employees across the nation to call their members of Congress to tell them to prevent cuts to government jobs and compensation as part of a payroll tax cut extension.

Government employees are “sick and tired of being used as a political bargaining chip,” said FWA Chairman William R. Dougan. Not only did federal employees accept a two-year pay freeze, they have also put up with being called “overpaid, underworked bureaucrats more times than I can count,” he said.

“At some point, you have to stand up and say enough is enough,” Dougan added. “That day will be today for thousands of dedicated federal employees.”

FWA has also released a flyer that urges federal employees to take action. “Here we go again,” it reads. “Washington politicians are trying to play politics with federal workers over extending the payroll tax cut. As you read this, they are considering a pay freeze extension, cuts to your retirement plan, and the elimination of hundreds of thousands of federal jobs.”

"Tell Congress you’re not a political bargaining chip!” the flyer continues and lists the number to the Capitol switchboard (in case you don’t have your rep on speed dial): 202-224-3121.

Posted by Camille Tuutti on Dec 12, 2011 at 12:19 PM

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Reader comments

Wed, Dec 14, 2011

Congress should work for 1 dollar a year. No retirement, no commissary, no medical and no retirement! That way, they will truely be a public servant!

Wed, Dec 14, 2011 dp dc

Let's start by agreeing that the vast majority of Feds are hard-working, honest people. But, let's follow by also agreeing that there are many Feds who are skating because of the difficulty in getting rid of the less-than-good apples. There is also a tremendous amount of waste. I have spoken with many current and former Feds who have pointed out such waste (and abuse). Congress and the President must get the courage to attack the problems, rather than these across the board solutions. I would rather see the firing of people who are not up for the job and that money being used to pay higher salaries to those who are doing their job and more.

Wed, Dec 14, 2011 Hinterlands

If you think it's bad now, just wait 'til the full effect of unlimited money enters the political arena. As one overworked, harried staffer said," When a lobbyist comes calling, I don't dare refuse to get them access to my boss, as they can bring to bear unlimited funding to defeat them in the next election cycle". So, do you think that we the peons have a real chance for fairness in wages, benefits, and retirement standards, when the wealthy, who have already benefited tremendously before the change in political rules, have an even greater sway by their ability to manipulate the elected ones by their huge financial clout. I'd say, from an educated viewpoint, to get ready for worse than we've already seen.

Tue, Dec 13, 2011

How could that be a payroll tax cut? if the congress freeze a pay raise for 5 yr to federal workers to do it. I did not asked for payroll tax cut, nor do I see any different that $10 or $20 more in my paycheck made in my life. If I can get $580 a week unemployeement check for 2 yr, I would take that route. My paycheck is less than unemployeement check, and I am a federal worker with $3000 deductible health insurance.

Tue, Dec 13, 2011

After 13 yrs with DOD & 29 yrs with VA along with 3 yrs Active & 35 yrs Reservist, why would I have stayed this long for low wages compared to Private industries? I started as GS 3 and now I am a GS 9. I worked hard to be where I am without kissing anyones' noses and not being lazy. I could have gotten a higher Education, and maybe become a SES, but I did not, I wanted to work from the bottom, serving the veterans & this country. The knowledge is the working group; Congress needs to be here as a clerk, Housekeeper, file clerk, Foodserve worker, secretary, etc. and find out who is lazy.

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