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Upcoming FCW Features

Upcoming FCW Feature

August 10 Telework

Despite broad policy support for expanding the ranks of government teleworkers, many agencies still have only modest numbers of employees who work from home. In this roundtable with managers of several successful government telework programs, FCW finds out how they overcame the technical, cultural and policy challenges that have held back other agencies’ efforts.

Writer: Alan Joch, ajoch AT worldpath DOT net

Posted on Jul 21, 2009 at 12:20 PM0 comments

Upcoming FCW Feature

August 10 Compliance Report: HSPD-12

As some agencies still scramble to issue computerized identification cards to all their employees and contractors as required under this five-year old executive order, others have moved beyond initial enrollment efforts to develop more advanced uses for the smart cards. Learn how these agencies are improving security and operational efficiency through integrated smart card applications.

Writer: Brian Robinson, brian AT hullite DOT com

Posted on Jul 21, 2009 at 12:20 PM0 comments

Work in Progress: Upcoming FCW Features

July 27 Security

For how long would you be comfortable with an ex-employee or contractor from a completed project still having full access to your agency’s IT systems and other assets? The truth is many agencies lack procedures and systems for handling this expediently, placing agencies at unnecessary risk. Find out what it takes to build a through, end-to-end employee separation process.

Writer: Alan Joch, ajoch AT worldpath DOT net

July 20  360 Report: Data Consolidation and Information Sharing

The Obama administration seeks to create new levels of openness, transparency and collaboration in government. Many experts believe that semantic Web technology will be a linchpin of these efforts, and the foundation for the next generation of Internet applications called Web 3.0. This primer will explain how semantic technology can be used for applications like Obama’s new Data.gov Web site and what readers will need to do now to start preparing their agencies for the semantic Web.

Writer: John Moore, jmwriter AT twcny DOT rr DOT com

July 6 Special Report: Reinventing the IT Infrastructure

Having already deployed server virtualization in the data center, many agencies are now exploring the security, cost and management benefits that can be achieved through virtualizing users’ desktop computers. However, unlike server virtualization, there are multiple desktop virtualization approaches from which to choose. This story will help FCW readers understand the pros and cons of the main desktop virtualization options for their particular computing environments and management objectives.

Writer: John Moore, jmwriter AT twcny DOT rr DOT com

June 22  360 Report: IT Security

The issue of mandatory licensing and certification for cybersecurity professionals working on government systems has taken center stage, with a new measure in the Senate and President Obama’s cybersecurity review expected to address it. This story will cover the debate about the value/feasibility of requiring such certifications and provide a guide to the most meaningful certifications of the dozens of training programs available.

Writer: Ben Bain, bbain AT 1105govinfo DOT com

June 15 COOP

Many agency continuity-of-operations plans (COOP) rely on expensive backup equipment and infrastructure that, in the ironic nature of disaster planning, officials hope they never have to use. Learn how some government outfits are finding ways to tap COOP capabilities for more ordinary tasks, such as routine data and system migrations. Such dual use can let agencies build more robust COOP systems while also improving the overall return on investment.  

Writer: Alan Joch, ajoch AT worldpath DOT net

 June 8  **Change** Web 2.0

The “Financial Management” and “Compliance Report: FOIA” topics originally scheduled for this issue are being postponed until a future date. Instead, this will be a special issue dedicated to Web 2.0 in government. Contact appropriate beat reporters and section editors if you have sources/information related to Web 2.0 in government. FCW beat list and contact information is available here: http://www.1105govinfo.com/about/staff.html

May 18 360 Report: The First 100 Days

FCW will assess the Obama administration’s impact on five critical areas: government 2.0, transparency/oversight, contracting, workforce and health IT. Please contact appropriate FCW reporters/editors if you have sources able to comment. FCW beat list and contact information is available here: http://www.1105govinfo.com/about/staff.html

 May 18 DOD Spotlight

Story is already completed.

May 4 Special Report: Homeland Security

Some experts say that a system built upon self-identifying information that is more easily found by people who need it is the answer to the government’s data sharing problems.

Along these lines, a new intelligence community policy calls for making information easier to discover and disseminate. How does this approach differ from traditional data sharing practices, how easy or difficult will it be to achieve, and is it the right solution for every data sharing problem?

Writer: Alan Joch, ajoch AT worldpath DOT net

Posted by John Stein Monroe on Jan 22, 2009 at 9:03 AM0 comments

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