MetTel Product Showcase

Oct 25, 2017

10:55 am - 12:30 pm

EIS Portal – Telecom Expense and Inventory Management
Federal Government Agencies face all sorts of IT challenges, but one big one is the management of IT infrastructure and connectivity. There are too many carriers, vendors, billing structures, legacy systems and labor intensive tasks to be done to manage it all. That is why MetTel is introducing a portal to manage all your telecom inventory and expenses. Current deployed solutions are already showing savings of $8 Million in 2 years, 7,678 bills converted to electronic formats, consolidated 19,500 services, and showing a clean inventory in one view for all circuits and services.

MetTel’s SD-WAN solution has been rated #1 by Gartner with the only perfect score in the Market Guide for US Alternative WAN Branch Solution Providers. Some of the reasons for those high marks are unique to MetTel such as: multiple MPLS network-to-network interfaces, five fully redundant SD-WAN gateways, one invoice across multiple carriers and our three year running Stevie Award for best customer service in telecom.

IoT & Fleet Management
MetTel’s IoT Single SIM intelligently roams to find the best mobile signal in any location, ensuring the best possible connectivity around the world. MetTel’s IoT Single SIM provides a simple, easy, truly global, multi-network solution that eliminates possible points of failure. Fleet Management also uses mobile connectivity and MetTel’s solution not only enables ELD compliance, but is a multi-vendor, best-in-breed solution that digitally automates work in the field.