Session 6 : Government & Industry Panel 3 | Insights and Solutions for Agencies to Achieve Digital Transformation

Feb 28, 2018

12:15 pm - 12:55 pm

Larry Gillick

Deputy Director of Digital Strategy

Department of the Interior

Jacob Parcell

Director, Mobile Program, GSA Technology Transformation Service

U.S. General Services Administration

Julie Rushin

Consultant for Tax Administration and Tax IT; Former Deputy CIO for Operations Support, IRS; Former Director of the Business Modernization Office, IRS

Lisa Wolfisch

Deputy Director, Center for New Media and Promotion

U.S. Census Bureau

Agencies are at different stages of achieving digital transformation and improved citizen engagement. In this discussion, panelists will share their varying experiences in growing digitally, lessons learned, and the impact on citizen engagement. They will talk about organizational culture and how leaders can set the tone for agencies to embrace communicating digitally with citizens.

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