Digital Business Automation (Control-M)

Control-M 9.0.18: Innovate at the Speed of Business

May 09, 2018

1:40pm - 2:10pm

Robby Dick

Lead Solutions Marketing Manager


Have you spent too many nights and weekends away from family and friends? Are you tired of negotiating for outage windows that may negatively affect your business? With Control-M 9.0.18, consider these challenges a thing of the past.

Near-zero downtime in-place upgrades with Control-M make it easier than ever before to access all the innovation introduced with each new version with no business continuity risk. In addition to new security and reporting enhancements, a new date-driven release schedule makes it easy to plan for future upgrades. This keeps the key stakeholders on your team, and all the external users that rely on the business services Control-M supports, happy.

In this session, you will see how Control-M 9.0.18 keeps your business up and running and lets you take all the credit!