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A Stronger Voice of America
Open-source cloud technology brings clarity to VOA

Sep 18, 2019

8:35 am - 9:00 am

Jim Tunnessen

Chief Information Officer & Chief Digital Officer

Voice of America (VOA)
(Pending Agency Approval)

The Voice of America (VOA) made a decision to replace its outdated CMS with a modern, open source cloud-native solution that would better support its journalists and a weekly audience of more than 275 million people speaking 46 languages in more than 100 countries. To that point, the federally funded global media organization had been managing its digital operations from an archaic, proprietary CMS. It was time for an upgrade.

VOA rolled out the English news portion of the new CMS within six months of awarding a contract, adding five more language services within three months. Use of open-source technologies greatly reduced time to delivery of the system, which is integrated with TV, radio, mobile, IoT and social platforms. Simultaneously, VOA built Ipsum, its first artificial intelligence tool for generating automated transcription and translation.