Smart Cloud, Smart Government

Example Track 1

Integrating Mission and IT Decision-Making

Aug 14, 2019

10:45 am - 11:05 am

Brian Merrick

Deputy Director, Cloud Program Management Office

Department of State

Segregating government agencies’ digital technology professionals from the business tends to impede mission advancement. Eager to close that gap, the State Department is integrating IT decision-making with business operations that affect mission. The change has less to do with centralizing or decentralizing capabilities and more with optimizing where decisions happen – creating an enterprise multi-cloud ecosystem that enables the move to the cloud while allowing the business to adapt to best meet mission needs:

  • Taking a center of excellence approach to support the move to the cloud – sharing best practices across the enterprise
  • Working in close partnership with business units and other shared service providers to deliver capabilities - deliberately leveraging a multi-vendor approach to reduce vendor lock-in and provide best in breed functionality
  • Creating enterprise contract vehicles and environments with shared, inheritable security controls
  • Managing platforms in ways that allow customers to focus less on the nuts and bolts of IT infrastructure, more on mission outcomes
  • Finding ways to deal with the IT talent gap