Modernizing for the Mission

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Unleashing the Power of Data via AI and Blockchain

Mar 21, 2019

10:10AM - 10:40AM

Kenneth Thomson

BUYSMARTER Solution Architect

Department of Health and Human Services

Most agencies, when faced with the choice between modernizing legacy systems or buying emerging technologies, choose the former. Not so at HHS where the modernization strategy is less about IT and more about data. In late 2018, HHS became the first federal department with Authority to Operate blockchain, upon which any number of artificial intelligence microservices and distributed applications can be built to ingest and process data. At HHS, the key to finding cost savings and efficiencies in its 97,000+ contracts lie buried in a million pages of data. Through its BUYSMARTER program, the department is deploying 18 AI-distributed applications to drive group purchasing, saving millions of dollars and streamlining processes. Ken Thomson will discuss HHS’s strategy and outcomes using blockchain and AI to modernize data.