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Government Keynote | Closing the Cyber Skills Gap

Aug 07, 2019

11:45AM - 12:05PM

Dorothy Aronson

Chief Information Officer, National Science Foundation and

Co-Chair, Federal CIO Council Workforce Committee

The demand for skilled IT workers outstrips supply, both in industry and government. In time, most of today’s IT jobs will become obsolete or be taken over by AI-enabled machines. Yet as the digital landscape evolves, new jobs emerge that only humans can do. What if there was a way to anticipate future demands on human capital in cyber and other IT fields, identify workers with the aptitudes to fill them, and provide a pathway for those workers to qualify for new jobs – just in time to meet emerging demand? The NSF Career Compass Challenge seeks to do just that, developing pathways of continuous learning in order to begin developing today the workforce of tomorrow.

This session will cover:

  • NSF’s competition and prototypes
  • Initiatives by OMB and the Federal CIO Council to reskill federal workers
  • Women in cybersecurity

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