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A Small Agency's Journey to Modernization: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Oct 10, 2019

10:00 am - 10:25 am

David Nelson

Chief Information Officer

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The steady program of modernization at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has improved performance and advanced the agency’s mission, but there have been unintended consequences. The lack of centralized identity management, for example, at times has resulted in identity sprawl and stove-piping, disparate and complex experiences for agency users, impediments to modernization, more administrative overhead for IT staff, and vulnerabilities in core identity management processes. The agency responded by creating the NRC Identity, Credential, and Access Management Program, which allows the agency to deploy business processes and technologies that enable centralized creation, maintenance, and use of digital identities. NRC Chief Information Officer David Nelson will discuss how the program strengthens cybersecurity and increases efficiency while also serving as a foundational component for innovation and business process automation.