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Innovation, Policy and Modernization

Oct 10, 2019

8:35 am - 9:05 am

Bill Zielinski

Assistant Commissioner, Office of Information Technology Category, Federal Acquisition Service

General Services Administration

The dynamic relationship between emerging technologies, the government’s national strategies and legislative mandates will largely determine the digital transformation of government agencies. What happens at the intersection of technological advancement and federal policy informs the extent to which artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing will succeed in securing and transforming agencies and advancing their missions. This keynote address will deliver a high-level review of the factors shaping the policy-technology dynamic and its impact on agency operations, including:

-- The outlook for 5G in the federal government
-- Cybersecurity and supply chain management
-- The application of data sciences in government missions
-- GSA collaboration with DoD and other agencies
-- Shared services programs and centers of excellence