Building a Robust Threat Management System

Example Track 1

Cyber Security: Moving from Hindrance to Strategic Partnership

Mar 13, 2019

10:05 AM - 10:35 AM

Wanda Jones-Heath

Acting CISO/Chief Cybersecurity Division

United States Air Force

With the goal of building a cybersecurity system that works, the CISO of the Air Force’s Cybersecurity Directorate is encouraging a change in culture and mindset. The goal is to move away from the compliance mindset that sees cybersecurity as a hindrance to accepting cybersecurity, acknowledging that it affects and is integral to a vast array of operations across the Air Force.

Wanda Jones-Heath will share her experience with Fast Track ATO, an initiative aimed at revamping the risk management process. Along the way, she and her colleagues learned to embrace innovation and technical assistance provided by industry partners. The three steps of Fast Track ATO were:

  • - Determining the security baseline and assessing factors such as rigorous cyber hygiene
  • - Using automated tools to assess vulnerabilities and potential remedies
  • - Continuously monitoring systems to identify and respond to new threats