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Artificial Intelligence for Mission Success

Apr 21, 2021

11:25 AM - 11:45 AM

Mark Hornick

Sr. Director, Data Science and Machine Learning


Government organizations are looking to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to work smarter and achieve better outcomes for constituents. AI is not so much a product, but a capability or feature that imbues products such as applications or machines with human-like intelligence. That "intelligence" can enhance human abilities or scalability. Oracle has integrated AI into our cloud services and enterprise applications, and customers leverage machine learning-based AI to solve mission critical problems. Such examples highlight how AI and Oracle technology - incorporated into government-focused applications - can similarly achieve mission success. Delivering AI-based solutions requires data, technical resources, and reliable infrastructure. In this session, we'll look at common pain points in AI/ML projects and how Oracle technology alleviates those for mission success. 

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