Training Session

Session 7A: Government-wide Strategic Solutions (GSS) Panel Discussion

Nov 16, 2016

2:30pm - 3:20pm

Warren Blankenship

Director of the IT Schedule Governance Division
Office of Information Technology Category
Federal Acquisition Service

U.S. General Services Administration

Charles Hicks

Assisted Acquisition Division Chief

National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC)
Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Program

Betsy Sirk

GSS for Desktops and Laptops Program Manager, Lead, Workstations Category Team


As part of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI), a Workstations Commodity Team (WCT) was established in 2013 at the direction of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to develop a framework and strategy to reduce costs and increase value through the application of strategic sourcing principles. The Team, led by NASA with participation by over twenty-five Federal Agencies, identified desktop and laptop configurations that meet the requirements of the Federal Government for approximately 80% of systems purchased, and also incorporated best practices in spend management.

The Office of Management and Budget has made government-wide strategic sourcing a top priority in IT procurement, both as a way to save money and to free up the acquisition workforce to support more complex requirements. Still, GSS represents a significant change in how agencies do business, and the transition can be difficult. In this session, three of the leading players in IT-related strategic sourcing initiatives will share insights into how agencies can achieve the full benefits of GSS.