Training Session

Session 8B: ITES-SW, ITES-3H and Reverse Auction - Army CHESS

Nov 16, 2016

3:25pm - 4:25pm

Doug Haskin

Product Lead, Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS)

PEO EIS, U.S. Army

Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) is the Army's designated Primary Source for commercial IT. CHESS provides competitive prices for genuine products and services.

Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – 3 Hardware (ITES-3H) is CHESS’s total IT hardware solution contract vehicle that provides a wide range of hardware solutions, including networking equipment, servers, video teleconferencing equipment, and more, for purchase or lease at competitive prices.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Provide the customer with a contract overview.
  • Describe how ITES-3H differs from ADMC-2 and the Consolidated Buy Period.
  • Demonstrate how to procure hardware using the CHESS IT e-mart Request for Quote (RFQ) Tool.

Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software contracts are multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract vehicles specifically designed as the primary source for the Army to procure commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software products and related services not currently on an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) or Department of Defense (DOD) Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI). All software available through ITES-SW is guaranteed to have active full Certificate of Networthiness (CoN).

Lesson Objectives:

  • Provide the customer with a contract overview.
  • Demonstrate how to procure software through CHESS.

Reverse Auction:
In a reverse auction the roles of the buyer and seller are reversed. Several vendors bid down for a request for quote (RFQ) instead of bidding up as in a traditional auction. Reverse auction is great for purchasing commodity IT hardware where the technical requirements can be defined and multiple sellers can compete to drive the price down. With no CHESS fees for contract vehicles, the CHESS Reverse Auction promises to be the ideal option for lowering COTS IT procurement costs.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Provide overview of the CHESS Reverse Auction process and how to submit a Reverse Auction through the IT e-mart.
  • Describe the advantages of utilizing the CHESS Reverse Auction capability.