Track 1

Facilities Management and IoT: Optimizing Operations through Analytics

Jul 25, 2017

11:20 am - 12:00 pm

John Smart

Program Director, Cognitive Retail and Workplace Offerings

IBM Internet of Things

Operations account for 71 percent of the total cost of a building over its lifespan, and buildings consume 42 percent of all electricity—more than any other asset.

But technology is changing how buildings are managed, with enormous amounts of data from sensors and systems providing unprecedented insight into operations, reshaping everything from core facilities maintenance and lease accounting to capital project management, space management, energy management and more.

This session will explain how analytics provide the foundation for cognitive buildings, with systems that reason and learn from the data they create—and how agencies can leverage that capability to optimize their facilities management strategy, and to adapt spaces to meet their changing needs and improve the office experience for your workforce.