Track 2

Resource Management and IoT: Improving Management through Actionable Analysis

Jul 25, 2017

11:20 am - 12:00 pm

Jodie Fisher

Business Unit Executive, Watson IoT Insurance & Worker Safety

IBM Software Group

Michael Sullivan

Global Cognitive Solutions Leader, Water and Environmental Management

IBM Software

The federal government owns over 640 million acres of land and manages an additional 11 million acres. These lands support a variety of programs for public use, wildlife protection and mineral management. The management of these lands depends on having data that is accurate, relevant and timely.

That is where IoT comes in. Advances in IoT and cognitive analytics not only support an enhanced model for the collection of data from natural areas, but also in the actionable analysis in areas such as land and water management and air quality.

This session will discuss how to use data from the physical world to develop more sound strategies for conserving resources, reducing pollution and eliminating inefficiencies in resource management. We also will explore how to integrate real-time weather insights into business process to improve performance and decision-making. The session also will include a special focus on how IoT can improve worker safety, helping agencies not only to comply with regulations but to take concrete steps that can keep workers out of harm’s way.