Digital Business Automation (Control-M)

A Control-M Job Request Process Everyone Can Love

Jun 07, 2017

1:50pm - 2:35pm

Matt Laster

Solution Engineer


Room: Lincoln 2

Organizations have always struggled getting jobs into production, frequently using Excel spreadsheets or Visio diagrams. The recent trends of Agile, Continuous and DevOps methodologies have done little to change this situation. Developers still spend lots of time scripting application automation. The scripts get tested using Cron or other non-production tools until the application gets near production at which point some engineering team performs last minute heroics to wrap massive scripts into Control-M jobs.

Wouldn’t it be great if developers could save lots of time by avoiding scripting, application jobs got fully tested during all the testing cycles, jobs could get promoted into production automatically and business analysts or any plain human could submit a request that everyone could understand?

All this and more can be yours with Control-M. The combination of Automation API and Workload Change Manager let developers use all the tools they already love like GIT, Jenkins and others, get full ownership of application automation, and perform comprehensive, automated testing and promotion. Any user outside of the Data Center can graphically compose a job request and submit it. Ops get streamlined automation that maximizes visibility and governance, is easy to manage and operate, and moves into production with minimum disruption regardless who submits the request.