Digital Business Automation (Control-M)

It’s Worth Your Time to Get to 9

Jun 07, 2017

3:15pm - 4:00pm

John Dickenson

Principal SW Consultant


Room: Lincoln 2

If high availability, automatic deployment and promotion aren’t of interest to you, you’re in the wrong room. Those are just some of the many reasons to be running Control-M version 9. This session will review some of the Control-M 9 features and the benefits they can bring to your enterprise. But the highlights of “9” don’t end there. If computers were invented on the first day, and computer networks on the second, it is safe to assume file transfers began on the third! File transfers continue to be the lifeblood of both cross platform and multi-application services. Control-M Managed File Transfer is a new offering that combines the disciplines of workload automation and file transfer management into a single solution. In this session we will also discuss how combining these two disciplines gives you a single point of control with instant visibility into the status of file transfers and related application workloads and enables you to provide better service to all your customers.