Digital Business Automation (Control-M)

Control-M Roadmap

Jun 07, 2017

4:05pm - 4:55pm

Amir Vashkover

Senior Product Manager, Strategy


Room: Lincoln 2

Control-M has been leading innovation going back to 1991, when it was the first Enterprise class solution to provide a single view across mainframe and distributed platforms. The automation needs of our customers has changed from batch processing to job scheduling to workload automation, and Control-M has been leading the way at every new wave of innovation. We’ve recently delivered new solutions to support Big Data - leveraging Hadoop, released Automation API - allowing developers to easily embed Control-M commands during the application build process, and Managed File Transfer - combining the disciplines of workload automation and file transfer management into a single solution. In this session, you’ll learn what Control-M has planned for the future.