Digital Service Management

Advanced Console Design with Remedy

Jun 07, 2017

1:50pm - 2:35pm

Chris Breeden

Senior Software and Systems Engineer

DOD Agency

Room: Lincoln 3

Being a data steward in a DoD environment requires additional constraints and controls that may not be accounted for in out of the box applications. Operating under the scrutiny of DoD and government regulations for tracking of assets, property and costs has necessitated additional controls and data elements in our Remedy systems. Additionally, users sometimes have difficulty in determining the best ways to locate the data they need to complete their jobs or what action is necessary under specific circumstances.

In order to mitigate these types of risks and to provide consistent and simple interfaces, our Remedy team has developed a set of innovative consoles for specific roles in the user base. These consoles are used to track hardware and software assets and inventory through the entire lifecycle from procurement, to deployment to eventual disposal. Costs and milestones are tracked and displayed within the consoles for a clear picture of how contract budgets and expenditures are managed. Through the use of these consoles, users are presented with consistent interfaces that provide common controlled actions that accelerate processes while standardizing and validating inputs to prevent data errors.

This session provides an overview of the products currently in use and a chance to see some of the capabilities, design elements and thought processes that went into the development of these consoles. We will present our primary consoles that are in production for asset and property management. You will also get a chance to peek “under the hood” to see how Remedy form and panel design has been used to build consoles that provide intuitive interfaces and flexible windows that resize to fit multiple monitors and resolutions. Join us to explore how one agency has developed innovative solutions that work with out of the box capabilities to optimize processes and empower users with role specific toolsets.