Digital Service Management

Increase Employee Productivity and Engagement with a Digital Workplace Initiative

Jun 07, 2017

4:05pm - 4:55pm

Jeff Mikulas

Principle Software Consultant


Sam Wood

Senior Consultant

RightStar Systems

Room: Lincoln 3

Programs and Agencies are transforming themselves into digital workplaces, deploying the latest technologies to promote employee collaboration and business innovation. However, managing across from multiple cloud and on-premises vendors and systems isn’t easy.

Discover how to create a productive digital workplace by shifting from traditional IT processes to a people-centric approach. You'll learn about:

  • Creating an employee experience that seamlessly connects and unifies systems to provide powerful aggregated services through the flexible and consumer-like user interface.
  • Embedding crowdsourcing and social collaboration into workflows to give employees a voice in choosing the IT solutions they want to use. People are used to the ease of Facebook, speed of Twitter, and service of, and they want those same experiences at work.
  • How to keep employees engaged by adopting on-demand environments that support employees whenever, wherever, and however they want to work.