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House panel releases Commerce-Justice-NASA budget figures for 2012 -- FCW


Tweet ... The committee released a summary and data tables for the complex bill on its website. ... The $50 billion legislative package includes funding for the Commerce and Justice ... NASA is one of the hardest-hit agencies in the bill.

Consumers to government: Protect us online -- FCW


A Consumers Union survey found that two-thirds of consumers want the government to ... The survey was released before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation ... We will not post comments that we consider abusive or off-topic. spent $1.4M to move website to cloud, go open source -- FCW


“Every piece of data should use XML,” he said. ... You would do a great service if you bring in XML and APIs and you need the CIO to do ... Managers should work on enabling adoption of XML data schemes whenever possible, and in some cases may ...

AKO: Not just e-mail but knowledge management -- FCW


Unprecedented levels of efficiency must be achieved for organizations to effectively ... And our service members depend on it for much more than e-mail. ... AKO needs to incorporate capabilties like RSS (AKO Reader would be useful), XML, etc.

Rep. Issa proposes bill based on Recovery Board model -- FCW


Rep. Issa tries oversight on recovery board model ... It would also require more detailed reports from groups and companies that receive ... Many watchdog groups, legislators, and the administration have been impressed with ... More Resources

Annual Tele-Vision awards honors federal agencies with pioneering telework agendas -- FCW


Tweet ... Telework awards honor agencies with top-rated programs ... The awards were given in eight categories to government organizations and people who ... It installed a secure virtual private network infrastructure and gave every employee ...

New House GOP bill would cut 10 percent of feds by 2015 -- FCW


Tweet ... House GOP bill would slash federal workforce by 10 percent ... Bill introduced a week after House hearing on "rightsizing" the federal workforce ... House Republicans have introduced yet another bill to slash what they call the " ...

Issa rejects federal transparency bill -- FCW


A new bill designed to improve federal government transparency won't be considered by the ... Issa said he's looking for global solutions for federal transparency, such as ... We will not post comments that we consider abusive or off-topic.

Legislators try to block political info from contracting offices -- FCW


Tweet ... Lawmakers try to separate politics, contracting ... House members and senators have proposed legislation to block President Barack Obama from ... The bills would prohibit a federal agency from collecting the political information ...

Supreme Court hears Microsoft's aurgument for patent reform; company lost case over using XML in Word -- FCW


Close this Advertisement ... Tweet ... After losing its case over XML use in Word, company wants to lower the bar for disproving a patent ... The custom XML technology was found to have been used in older versions of Microsoft Word.

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