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Memo adds detail to president's innovation agenda -- FCW


... .gov/stratml/drybridge/index.htm#OMB or, more specifically, Objective 3.3. ... &, Obama transparency site, vanishes from the Web -- FCW


Close this Advertisement ... The agenda is available in open, standard, machine-readable format at or, more specifically,

Executive order makes open data the new normal -- FCW


... -- in spreadsheet form at least, if not in XML, JSON or other programmer-friendly formats. ... , machine-readable StratML format at & ...

What the heck is Hadoop? -- FCW


Close this Advertisement ... Tweet ... For applications that involve comparisons between gigantic databases, such as in ... Another challenge is the mixed sources and formats, which include XML, log files, objects, text, binary and more.

GSA's conference reforms bear fruit -- FCW


Cynthia Metzler, chief administrative services officer at the General Services ... "GSA has instituted rigorous new controls and oversight to ensure that all proposed travel ... "Weakening collaboration is not wise," he told the subcommittee.

White House research directive responds to We the People petition, builds on NIH policies -- FCW


The memo is now available in StratML format at or, more specifically, ... It is good to see something positive for a change.

DeSantis bill to kill federal raise passes House -- FCW


Tweet ... The measure passed 261-154, with 43 Democrats voting yes. ... It would not prevent employees from receiving bonuses, merit-based or even tenure- ... "Federal employees are on average compensated 16 percent more than their private- ...

Obama, Boehner differ on sequestration remedy -- FCW


... for a July 29 House vote on the Budget Control Act (Vote 677, for anyone who's curious, and not the FINAL-final vote which took place on Aug. 1. ... (

Innovation agenda needed to solve national problems, Brookings report concludes -- FCW


The report/agenda is now available in StratML format at A number of its recomendations are closely related to the purposes of the StratML standard, particularly those calling for performance ...

Charting the future of GSA -- FCW


... now available in StratML format at The ... Its more explicit purposes are outlined at Consistent with sections 2 and 10 of GPRAMA, GSA should ...

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