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New bill says, Miss small business contractor goal, get budget cut -- FCW


Tweet ... Agencies that miss small-biz goals could face penalties ... Under a new bill, a department that misses a set goal to contract with small ... He said his bill would “ensure that Washington lives up to its promise to foster an ...

Federal employees owe $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes for fiscal 2010 -- FCW


Tweet ... Federal employees from across the government owe more than $1.03 billion in ... The rest of the 98,000 feds with unpaid taxes come from across the government, ... Outstanding taxes could soon cost federal employees their jobs.

House of Representatives bills, amendments and resolutions to be available in XML formats -- FCW


House website to provide XML-formatted legislation ... all House bills, amendments and resolutions in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format on a single ... transparency group, referred to the XML formatting of legislative documents is “a ...

New proposal reduces federal workforce to save DOD from spending cuts -- FCW


Bill would cut workforce to avoid first-year sequestration ... A Republican congressman has proposed a new plan that aims to slash 10 percent of the ... The legislation aims to apply the savings to pay for one year of sequestration, for ...

IGs warns of struggles to meet statutory demands -- FCW


Tweet ... IG warns that mandatory audits could strain resources ... Peggy Gustafson, chairwoman of the legislation committee for the Council of ... “Such mandates undermine the ability of [the IGs] to independently set priorities and create ...

Obama officials object to toughened rules on contractors -- FCW


Tweet ... Senate clamps down on contractors in sensitive jobs ... The Obama administration opposes a provision in a Senate appropriations bill that would ... But there should be no opportunity for the private-sector employee to influence the ...

Innovation vs. austerity: Who wins? -- FCW


Tweet ... In a similar vein, as part of the Future First initiative, the administration will focus innovation efforts on cross-cutting technologies that are likely to yield a high return on investment, such as XML and Web services. ... Policy

VanRoekel announces plans to further government innovation -- FCW


Tweet ... That’s even more true of the federal government.” ... VanRoekel said he envisions a set of principles such as “XML First," "Web Services First” and other “firsts" that will inform “how we develop our government’s systems,” he said.

How XBRL and other standards could improve government efficiency -- FCW


These XML-based standards are fine as enablers, but all the supporting pieces have to be there as well, namely: 1) Agencies must require machine- ... It's not enough to have an XML standard that _could_ be used for auditable automated ...

House bill authorizes DHS for the first time since it was created -- FCW


Tweet ... House GOP lawmakers introduce DHS authorization bill ... The Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee wants to authorize ... “This legislation will strengthen the mission of the department, encourage ... Featured

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