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What cyber can learn from counterterrorism -- FCW


What cyber can learn from counterterrorism ... got to do the same thing in the cyber realm, we've got to push to have repeatable ... S. has to make clear that it will impose consequences for attacks in cyberspace, but also needs to do so in a ...

Why risk management is critical in cybersecurity -- FCW


If you're a federal cyber official, the advice in a newly revised handbook on corporate ... continues to become more challenging with nation-state attacks against both public and private ... Cyber plays small role in cordial Mattis hearing

Can government alone protect cyberspace? -- FCW


... for future generations is to flip the historic relationship between attackers and defenders of the Internet," in which attackers have had the advantage. ... cyber, and suggested civilian agencies would be better served by federal cyber hubs.

Cyber threat grows exponentially, says outgoing official -- FCW


The cyber threat -- the number of attacks, the number of hackers and actors, the variety of attacks -- has evolved and grown exponentially says a key ... the attack surface for the expanding number of malicious cyber actors around the world.

Lawmakers, CSIS unveil cyber recommendations for Trump administration -- FCW


... of the White House cybersecurity coordinator and clarify the cyber defense roles of civilian and military ... He also said that cyber incidents and the steps government is taking to mitigate ... Attackers can make it impossible to dial 911

Senators support intel findings on Russia, call for deterrence policy -- FCW


... and that the country faces a growing risk of cyber attacks because it has not imposed a significant cost on cyber criminals. ... Clapper warned that retaliating to cyber attacks with a cyber response could trigger a cycle of escalation and ...

The Threat Lifecycle Management Framework -- FCW


Globally, sophisticated cyber-attacks are compromising organizations at an unprecedented rate and with devastating consequences.These attacks are often very expensive for ... The odds that your organization will be compromised are high.

Improving RMF Practices Through Automation -- FCW


Relentless cyber attacks prompt federal agencies to take a more holistic and systematic approach to integrating security into broader risk management ... Why automation helps improve cyber security controls and accelerate remediation efforts

U.S. sanctions Russia and releases hacking report -- FCW


... three companies involved in Russia's cyber operations, is being characterized as "too ... Vladimir Putin and deter Russia and other actors from conducting cyber attacks against the U.S. ... The second group, APT 28, attacked in spring 2016.

How to talk cyber at the holiday table -- FCW


"This cyber army can then attack computer systems of any website and be used to mount a distributed denial of service attack and shut down the website. ... , cyber criminals launched a massive DDoS attack on the domain name service provider ...

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