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DHS issues new directive to protect high-value assets -- FCW


... designed to further protect high-value assets in the federal government from cyber attacks. ... one cloud solution, DOD CIO says Government Cyber Insider CDM dashboard goal within reach ... House Dems push to preserve cyber coordinator post

Cyber deterrence is about more than punching back -- FCW


... previously established global norms around cyber behavior have degraded over the ... improving the resiliency of federal and private sector networks such that attackers no longer see clear benefits as a means of disincentivizing attackers.

Drawing 'red lines' for threats against the grid -- FCW


... can use nuclear weapons in response to an attack, could be a model for a cyber doctrine describing how the nation would respond to an attack on the power grid, Heinrich said. ... Connecticut law enforcement to take on broader cyber role

What the latest defense bill has to say about cyber -- FCW


What the latest defense bill has to say about cyber ... bill could have a slew of new cyber provisions aimed at streamlining the Defense ... and control “to prepare for and respond to cyber incidents, cyber emergencies, and cyber attacks.”

House bill would create a 'naughty list' for nation-state hacking groups -- FCW


... a comprehensive doctrine to guide U.S. cyber policy and steer the dispersed authorities over offensive and defensive cyber operations. ... on a number of occasions to trace and attribute major cyber attacks back to nation-state sponsors.

U.S. and U.K. say Russia targeted network infrastructure worldwide -- FCW


... attacks, steal intellectual property or lie dormant to facilitate future attacks. ... Government Cyber Insider DHS looks for a boost in cyber budget Air Force awards cyber R&D contract FBI promotes three cyber leaders Washington Technology

DHS seeks growth in cyber budget -- FCW


Budget DHS seeks growth in cyber budget By Mark Rockwell ... mechanisms to work with other states to find the patterns of attacks," Nielsen said. ... to collect every e-book DHS seeks growth in cyber budget FBI elevates three cyber cops ...

Transcom head warns of cyber risks to civilian infrastructure -- FCW


Transcom head warns of cyber risks to civilian infrastructure ... Even attacks that appear to simply have nuisance value can harm the U.S. military's ability to respond in a time of ... "We put cyber standards in every one of our contracts.

Hackers adapting to government adversaries -- FCW


... to hide and obscure the presence and intent of their actions from government cyber watchdogs. ... Dedicated denial of service attacks powered by hijacked IoT devices represent a real and ... DHS cyber office picks Preston Werntz to be CDO

Many White House domains lack required email security -- FCW


... them at risk of being used in a large-scale phishing attack, per a review conducted by a cybersecurity ... Marines look to special forces as they craft new cyber career path California crafts its own cyber metrics Washington Technology

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